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Distributors create the relationship between the carpet cleaner and the supplier. This symbiotic relationship allows the distributors to provide the finest customer support. Working with excellent distributors allows integrity and quality to permeate the industry. 

As a supplier, Westpak USA, Inc. supports its distributors. Westpak has set the industry standard in relationship to the leading tools in the carpet cleaning industry. 

Critical and standard features that customers have grown accustomed to when using Westpak tools: 

High pressure "soft opening" brass and stainless steel angle valves.

Full-flow vacuum tools and tubes to decrease drying time.

Quick disconnects included in the price with all tools.

Stainless Steel solution tubes for trouble free service.

Vinyl covered handles with a stress free assist handle.

Nozzles positioned carefully to increase precise penetration.

These necessary and standard features allow the distributors to be the efficient resource for professional carpet cleaners. Along with these standard features, our wands and tools come with a one year limited warranty. 

Distributors have full access to marketing materials available through Westpak. These marketing materials will assist in developing local marketing programs.  The materials will also help the distributor promote their business and provide useful information for their customer.  In addition to the marketing materials, Westpak offers an available drop-ship program for our valued distributors.

To become a valued Westpak distributor, please complete an application and mail it to our office. If you have any questions or wish to place your first order, please contact Westpak USA, Inc. at 866-972-5777 or 714-530-6995.

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