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Westpak USA first started engineering and manufacturing tools, with the clear goal of making the best tools in the industry.   All of our wands, hand tools, valves, and spin tools are 100% designed and engineered in Anaheim, California.   We then take our designs and manufacture them to our precise standards. 
We spend a great deal of effort customizing our manufacturing process,  to make sure our customers receive tools tailor made for their needs.  The manufacturing process is quite complex, but our customers derive a lot of satisfaction in knowing how much care goes into creating our wands.  We often cut the stainless steel pieces and bends that go into our wands one by one.  After this we tack-weld them together, polish or brush finish them, and they are ready for assembly and testing.  
At Westpak we invest extra money for complete tooling for our wands. When a wand is designed and approved for production, we will also make tooling before starting the production process.  We take pride in making complete tooling for each part of our wands.  A custom tool is made for each part to make all bends. This process is expensive, but it insures that each part will be made exactly the same and up to our exacting standards.
We now couple this wand with the highest quality control valves in the industry, full stainless steel solution lines, manifolds, and spray bars. We then add properly sized and positioned nozzles and the wand is ready for full quality testing.  We make sure to test each wand to the most exacting standards, including with under pressure with water.  We certify that each wand is fully tested for defects, leaks, valve operation, and nozzle spray pattern.
At Westpak USA, we manufacture all our Wands, Detail Tools, Hard Surface Tools, Valves, Fittings, Stainless Steel Shelves, and Sprayers to meet our customers needs and our own exacting standards.

Westpak Catalog

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