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About Us

 Welcome to Westpak USA, Inc.


Westpak USA, Inc. is an engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in both commercial and industrial carpet cleaning wands, tools and accessories. If you are a U.S. based company and need built-to-order projects, we provide the best in the industry. Westpak USA is the leading standard in providing sourcing solutions to companies based in the United States. Our engineers have over 50 years experience in designing brass, stainless steel, plastics, pumps, electronics and more. We have earned the reputation for having the highest quality tools available on the market. Each component is individually processed and engineered for supreme precision and durability. Listed below are the engineering capabilities that we currently provide: 


Brass: Castings, forgings, sheet metal, machining, and assembly.
Stainless Steel: Castings, forgings, sheet metal, machining, and assembly.
Plastics: Custom mold design, molding, and assembly.
Electronics: Custom design and assembly of electronic systems and custom solenoids.
Valves: Ball valves, check valves, control valves, and high-pressure valves.
Westpak USA, Inc. is located in Anaheim, California with secondary facilities in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Thank you for selecting the industry standard in carpet engineering and manufacturing.
About Us
How we do things
At Westpak USA we are a product-based company.  We sincerely believe that when you focus day in day out on creating the best product, customers will follow.  We are not in this business to sell cheap quality products for a quick buck.  At Westpak we receive a substantial amount of our business from referrals. Our customers understand the quality of our products and service and trust us to fulfill their needs. 
We take a tremendous amount of pride in knowing that every single one of our tools is high quality and priced fairly.  At Westpak our employees are invested in not only engineering and manufacturing the highest quality products, but in providing the best service to our customers.  We see ourselves as partners with our consumers and nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing our customers’ businesses grow.     
We have 50 years of experience, and we believe in the old school way of doing business.  Quality over quantity.  Products over sales.  We create tools that improve your business, we create tools that work for you in the long term.  We have built our client base steadily over the years with hard work, adherence to high standards in our products, as well as unrivaled knowledge and customer service in our employees.   
The Westpak Mission Statement
At Westpak USA, we are devoted to engineering and manufacturing exclusively the highest quality tools and accessories for our commercial industry partners. We are steadfast in providing only the most innovative of designs, highest quality of manufacturing,  and the most exemplary of customer service.   
The following steps allow us to fully live up to our mission statement:
 1.  Designing our products to be as resilient and useful as possible.
 2.  Delivering our tools with the speed and accuracy our customers deserve. 
 3.  Addressing customer concerns with understanding and a desire to improve.
 4.  Maintaining continuous product support.
 5.  Understanding that our employees are our most important resource.